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    What to Know About Your Arraignment in Maryland

    If you’ve been arrested for allegedly violating a criminal traffic offense in Maryland, the judge will formally state the charges against you the first time you enter the courthouse. This step in the criminal justice process is called an arraignment. It serves to inform you of your indictments, outline the maximum penalties associated with the […]

  • Do I Have to Talk to Police After an Arrest for a Traffic Offense?

    We all recognize the need for effective law enforcement, but we should also understand our own rights and responsibilities—especially in our interactions with the police. Ultimately, when a police officer pulls you over for a traffic offense, what you do and say can affect any legal proceedings that might follow. Whether the traffic stop ends […]

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    What Happens If I Get a Ticket While Driving on a Provisional License in Maryland?

    To obtain a Maryland driver’s license, drivers first have to participate in a graduated license system (GLS). Drivers who are at least 16 years and 6 months old who have gained at least nine months of experience behind the wheel with a learner’s permit are allowed a Maryland provisional license as the second step in […]

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    How to Handle a Traffic Stop with Maryland Police

    Flashing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror while driving in Baltimore can make anyone feel uneasy. Maryland police officers cannot stop your vehicle unless they witness you break a traffic rule or have reasonable suspicion to believe that you are violating a law. However, a variety of circumstances and driving behaviors may constitute […]