New Client – Hit by Unlicensed Driver

A new client came into the office today.  She was rear-ended by a fellow in a Chevy Suburban.  Her car is likely a total loss.  She has standard soft tissue injuries.  Her 3 year old little was in the car as well.  The other driver was not licensed.  I am sure the owner’s insurance company will decline coverage and we will be forced to pursue an uninsured claim with her own carrier.  It may not be the end of the world but it is an unnecessary complication. 

I just settled a case for another client who was hit on the Beltway by a driver who took off.  That case against her own carrier somehow dragged on and was more difficult than a typical case against a third-party carrier. 

As a auto accident / personal injury lawyer in Baltimore and Maryland who also is a traffic and criminal lawyer, I see so many cases in court and in my office of drivers without licenses or without insurance.  I saw once of the nicest judges on the bench throw someone in jail for driving without a license.  The courts are taking it very seriously.